The Strangeness Of Disney Cartoons That You Didn't Expect Before

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The Strangeness Of Disney Cartoons That You Didn't Expect Before

Things that do not make sense in the cartoon movies, guaranteed not to logic, and very ridiculous!

Disney is one of the largest entertainment and media companies in the world. Various famous movies were born from this company. One of the movie genres inherent in Disney is an animated film. Who doesn't like watching cartoons? Be it women or men, young or old, everyone will be entertained while watching cartoons. Various Disney animated movies have accompanied our childhood. Even as adults.

Disney animated movies are still an interesting spectacle. Touching stories with good visuals make this animated film even more popular. However, there are strange things from some scenes in several Disney animated movies. We might not have noticed the weird things that didn't make sense in this cartoon before. We wonder, what are some strange things in some Disney animated movies? Was it intentional? Even though it looks weird and ridiculous but what's important is funny?

For example, in the film SpongeBob, there is one recording that shows Mr. Krabs listens to music through his eyes. It's weird, right? At the beginning of The Little Mermaid, Ariel proved that she could read and write when she signed a contract with Ursula to take her voice. So if she can read and write, why doesn't she communicate with Prince Eric like that? It would be easier for both of them if she did.

In the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the dwarves spend a lot of time mining the treasure. If they have been mining for years, why do they keep living modestly in one small hut? Why didn't they just sell a portion of their wealth and prosper? Maybe they didn't want to show it off, yeah.

If the prince is truly in love with Cinderella, especially at first sight, why does the prince forget Cinderella's face? In the Frozen story, it is not explained how or where Elsa got power. Usually, Disney films always provide an explanation through the story of the past or the story of how the character gets strength or punishment. But not at Frozen.

Actually there are many more. Want to know? Here we give you some strange things that you can only find in cartoons.

Well, so as not to be curious, let's look at the compilations from Bored Panda about the unexpected oddities of Disney cartoons before. That scene if you watch again, makes you say, "Uh, yeah right."

Check them out below!


Scar has the chance to kill Simba very easily. Instead of killing, Scar instead let Simba run and only told the Hyenas to do his dirty work. Maybe the story will change if Scar didn't let Simba live. In the film The Lion King we see Mufasa and Scar, but did we see another male lion?


The film The Little Mermaid is said to originate from Denmark. But why did Sebastian have a Caribbean Islands accent? Can he swim far across the Atlantic Ocean?

The Beast was cursed when he was a teenager. But why did his parents never mention it? Who were his parents? Where were his parents when the Beast was cursed? If Beast is a prince, both parents were king and queen. It seems to be difficult to leave or escape if they were nobles.

They are pangolins in the film The Lion King. This really doesn't make sense because the story is set in Africa. Anteater can be found in Central and South America, commonly found in Uruguay and Argentina. Africa is not a pangolin place.

Like the story in Disney animated films in general, the story of Aladdin also has a conflict. Aladdin lived as a poor man who loved a royal princess named Jasmine. One day, Aladdin found a magic lamp that could fulfill all requests. Why didn't Aladdin lend his magic lamp to Jasmine so that Jasmine would make Aladdin a prince and then the magic lamp could be returned?


If she did not know there was something outside her home before meeting John Smith and other British people, how would Pocahontas talk to them? Why is she fluent in English?

Ariel is a mermaid in the ocean, it is natural that she has many friends from among marine animals such as fish and crabs. She loves a human named Eric. When she turns into a human, she has dinner with Eric. Strangely, when Eric ordered seafood, Ariel didn't seem to mind at all.

In the movie Toy Story, when humans enter the room, all toys or dolls will become silent like the statues. But in the film, Buzz Light-year feels that he is not a toy. He felt that he was an astronaut. If Buzz Light-year thinks so, why should he be quiet when a human enters the room?





Goofy and Pluto are both dogs. However, why Goofy can live a normal human life; standing on two legs, running free, talking, even playing golf with Mickey Mouse. While Pluto is like a dog in general; wear a collar, take a wooden stick thrown and walk on four legs.























Do you realize that the items given by Fairy Godmother only have a limit until 12 o'clock at night? Strangely, the shoes remained the next day, even until the prince found Cinderella as the owner of the shoes.















































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