The Unconventional Russian Kind of Tattoos

Maybe what this tattoo artist does is only one of a kind. Stanislaw Wilczynski  is a Moscow-based digital and tattoo artist. He creates minimalist geometric tattoos which inspired by the Russian suprematism movement.


We will soon be able to recognize his kind of tattoo from mostly bold and very distinctive lines. But Wilczynski also introduces a very interesting approach in body art that is called “digimatism” which is quite new in tattoo designs.


As Wilczynski writes on his website about Digimatism, “It is a term to describe pure, non-evocative, abstract shapes created by means of digital technologies. The term itself is formed from two words: “digital” and already mentioned abstract art movement “suprematism” characterized by geometrical shapes that are associated with ideas of spiritual purity.”


When combined with German minimalism, and futuristic Japanese ambience, with the help of computers, Wilczynski can create these clean-designed tattoos. Check out for more of his stuffs.