The Unexpected Street Art Festival in Arkansas

In Fort Smith, Arkansas some international artists came up for the unexpected festival for the second year. There were nine artists painting murals, creating indoor installations and casting video projections already curated by Charlotte Dutoit from JUSTKIDS. Their objectives are to bring urban contemporary to northern Arkansas, and they need ten days for the preparations. First-class artists like Alex DiazOkudaFaith47,Guido van HeltenCyrcleMaserBordalo IIJaz, and Pastel got involved in such event.


Guido Van Helten who worked on the grain elevators got his inspirations from the locals of Fort Smith for his fantastic mural. It supposed to represent Gene Beckman, Kristina (a young woman who has a local business) and Ed, a Native American from the Apache Tribe. Helten says, “Gene Beckham worked at this grain elevator for 70 years leaving only once to fight in the Second World War. Ten years ago Gene retired only to return to work the following Monday, and continued to work up until last year.”


And there was a Spanish artist Okuda with his colorful The universal Chapel, a trend of transforming spaces. He painted the whole exterior of the deserted house only to give a new life to the already neglected room.


On the other side includes BarladoII with his two trash-turned –sculptures demonstrating a fox and opossum, the only two animals there.


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