The World’s Ugliest Statues Make You Say ‘WTF’

It’s very true that statues are works of art. And creating them will surely require advanced mastery of artistry. So wherever there is a statue, there must be an artist and a story behind it. If in the US you will normally find statues look gorgeous and stunning, you won’t find the same way in Europe.

The world is full of different cultures and different ways of thinking which also leads to different works of art. What we think as inappropriate or weird in the States may be perceived as quite normal in Europe. It’s not to underestimate which arts and whose pieces of art are better than the other, but it’s true when you submit an art work into an art contest, you will find out that one piece of artwork deserves higher appreciation than the other.

Therefore, by not trying to diminish their values, we must admit that many of these statues are odd for the most part. If a statue is deliberately installed in public, you would think that public statues would have more to offer and more artistic values put into them because they’re literally out for everyone to see. Unfortunately, that is not the case with these statues.

#1. Embankment’s Arch, Vilnius, Lithuania21-lifebuzz-2422bceba2c51714f68d87d3caf77bbb-limit_2000-2

This art piece cost 29,000 Euros but it basically looks just like an odd shaped pipe.

#2. Breast Bunch, Arnhem, Netherlands21-lifebuzz-a991f4f5b1d63e4d582ddc8ebd30b662-limit_2000

It’s conspicuous through its name. The name says it all but they don’t have to look this weird. We’ll certainly feel awkward just for glancing at it.

#3. Man Attacked By Genii, Oslo, Norway21-lifebuzz-2422bceba2c51714f68d87d3caf77bbb-limit_2000

Minus the naked part, such representation of parenting sounds accurate but not the war against kids.

#4. Marine Venus, Halifax, Canada21-lifebuzz-2422bceba2c51714f68d87d3caf77bbb-limit_2000-1

There seems to be a sex accident going on here. But the worst thing is that the statue is placed at a university campus.

#5. Field of Corn, Dublin, Ohio21-lifebuzz-2422bceba2c51714f68d87d3caf77bbb-limit_2000-2o

There is nothing unusual about this field of giant cement corn cobs. There is nothing abnormal whatsoever about this field. All I see is art.

Source: Life Buzz, Ugliest Statues