20 People Who Got Over Their Exs And Their tattoos In The Most Epic Manner

20 People Who Got Over Their Exs And Their tattoos In The Most Epic Manner

Getting the name of your boyfriend/girlfriend tattooed can be really riskey, you know because nothing is certain, is it?

How easy it would have been to find the right one to love if they came with a tag or a mark in their body that matched with a mark in our body? Love wouldn't have been hard to find that way, would it? But, unfortunately, nobody comes with a tag on their forehead, or with a warning sign, and we fall in love with the one we want to fall in love anyway. It is a rare phenomenon when a spark clicks between two people and they stay together forever. To find the right one with whom you can find yourself stable, requires several hit and trial methods, experiments and adventures. 

When someone falls in love, they are at their peak of romance, where everything is magical, coming straight out of Shakespeare love story. It does not take long for the love birds to carve their special one's name deep into their skin, and make their love eternal. Getting oneself tattooed in the name of their boyfriends and girlfriends, can be risky because nothing is certain, is it? Here are some people who can be our source of inspiration for not committing a mistake of getting the name of their partner's inked in their skin. 

Because when the relationship ends, the meaning of the tattoo ends too, and then it becomes nothing but an ugly scar that reminds about the failed love. But with the help of technology, here are some of the best coverups people went through to hide the name of their ex-partners!

1. Even though you fall in love with the person, never fall in love with the tattoo. 


2. Because when the relationship ends, tattoos take the shape of wings. 


3. Even though it took a long time for you to get over your ex, covering up the tattoo will take just a few hours. 


4. You can be creative with the mistake you have committed too. 


5. When your lover leaves you, Batman comes to the rescue, always.


6. Where there is a will, there is a way. 



7.  The best representation of before and after love affairs. 


8. Be sharp like a scissor and cut it all the rest.



9. You can try adding colors in the mistake you did, and you will be surprised to see the result.


10. Make sure to tell your tattooist to cover up the tattoo in a way that reminds you of the evil you were with. 


11. Things you cannot undo can be scrapped out.


12.  Tattoos hurt more than love hurts. So, why would you put yourself through so much in the first place?


13. This is how you can learn to create beauty out of something annoying.


14. Just like your ex-partner was dull, so was your tattoo for them. Get a better one.


15. Never is too late, you can start all over again, with brand new tattoo design and brand new life. 


16. Instead of getting laser done, just ask your tattooist to make something good out of the mess you created. 


17. A 'VOID' to remember. 



18. Only Batman knows how you feel.



19. The true face revealed later.



20. Because your life is all about 'Shit' and it is okay.


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