Some Women Clearly Do Not Need Bones And We Have Proof!

Some Women Clearly Do Not Need Bones And We Have Proof!

Having a flexible body is great, however, there are some who have an insanely flexible body that can take any shape!

It is important to have flexibility in life, right? So that you can blend in and deal with any kind of harsh and unfavorable situations. However, some people are not only mentally flexible in life but they are physically flexible too. Even though seeing anyone overly flexible does look a little creepy, it also shows how healthy their body is, because of regular exercise and most importantly yoga. Here are some women who are blessed with some serious elastic bodies, and have managed to pose in some of the weird positions that will make you believe that there are no bones in their body.

1. That moment when your mother asks you to welcome guest with a gentle smile.


2. "Hey! Do you remember that possessed Emily Rose in the horror movie 'Exorcism Of Emily Rose?", "Of course! Let me show ya!"


3. Playing guitar is easy if your legs can do the strumming, and your hands could sing.


4. When your body knows what to do when life does not go your way. Act weird.


5. When someone suggests you "Be like water. Flexible and can take the shape of a container". You: "Oh, yeah. I am water. See!"


6. When you are getting bored while watching TV, and you want to scare the hell out of everyone in the room.


7. When you want to admire the nature around you, but in your own unusual way.


8. When you are dressed up and are ready for club hopping, but then you drop your handbag. 


9. When you do not need a chair to sit, because the chair sits on you.


10. When your body wants to inspire you, but you choose to think upside down.


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