This Italian painter devoted her art to honor the beauty of nature and women

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This Italian painter devoted her art to honor the beauty of nature and women

Chiara Magni is 31 years old and she lives in the north of Italy. She has always created art and about 6 years ago decided to make it into a professional job.

Her paintings are collected all over the world and she has sold hundreds of them. She has collectors all over Europe, USA, New Zeland, Saudi Arabia, Israel.

She decided to put no limits to her creativity this is why she uses a lot of tools to create her paintings. She is specialized in Finger Painting and the majority of her works are done entirely with her fingers, this technique lets Chiara to put a lot of textured oil and creates a 3D effect. She also uses brushes, spatula, wooden sticks, sometimes fabric..... everything that allows her to obtain the artistic effect that she has envisioned.

She is more known for her women paintings, whether be nudes, portraits or underwater scenarios. People from all over the Wold are collecting her beautiful ladies.

She is totally against bullying and body shamming and she sees a mystical beauty in every women, this is why she is dedicating her art to this.

Her paintings are very colorful and full of life and joy, but they also want you to reflect on the message that is intrinsic in every piece.

Written by Chiara

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