World’s 1st Highest Building Covered in Trees

An Italian architect by the name of Stefano Boeri has quite an innovative idea as to construct a green building apartment tower in Lausanne, Switzerland with the height of 117 meters tall (384 ft). If this can be realized, such tower will be the first building in the world to be covered in evergreen trees. Check it out.

Actually, this green apartment building will be Boeri’s second project of its kind. Such tower which is of 36 stories, is named aptly “La Tour des Cedres.” Similar to this tower, two tall apartments rising up to 112 m has also been previously designed in Milan.And this new one in Lausane will provide green space to over roughly 3,000 square meters to more than 18,000 plants, 6,000 shrubs and 100 trees. The plants are supposed to give protection to the building against noise pollution, dust and harsh winds. Besides, the most important thing is that it offers a more enjoyable panorama of the city.
Source: Bored Panda,, Facebook, mymodernmet, designboom