Tiny But Unique Watercolor Paintings

My name is Holzenburg. My piece of artwork is known for a tiny watercolor paintings on paper. I have to work every day for a few hours with tiny brushes and watercolors.


Actually Holzenburg is a typical German name which in English it means wood castle. My parents may be thinking of a castle made from wood when they named me. But please just call me Frank.

I think miniature painting is a very terrifying job that people can ever imagine. But as a young student then, I was acquainted with tiny artwork illustrating and enriching books with their primitive kind of illuminations.


I think that particular fascination will never fade away. Although only once in a while I would work on a bigger canvas, but I have to admit that working with tiny paintings is really my choice as I can make people happy and smile at my work.


Now I already completed my first year of a task, creating “A picture for a day”. During my encounter with many people, they would ask how I get those ideas to mind when having to complete my paintings.


Mostly my ideas come from what I experience, do and see every day like a concert, a hiking, a museum, a new movie or even a holiday. Since I love animals, I would often get my eyes on all kinds of animals and start painting them. I think somehow my painting is like my diary but it’s done in tiny paintings which I need a help of magnifiers.

Source: Bored Panda, Holzenburg, Instagram 




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