Tiny Everyday Stuffs Make Crafty Illustrations

Desirée De León cares more for tiny, unimportant everyday stuffs that other people don’t. She would cleverly use and blend them with her ink drawing to make inventive illustrations. So, most of her work comes from something very common and unnoticed.


Anything coming from cupboard or refrigerator like crystals of pink salt, clementine wedges, goji berries, and garlic cloves would become of her many sources. She could also use little stuffs found in nature like leaves, petals or wood chips. Or she could even make good use of tiny couscous grain or surprisingly crayon top to play role in her fantastical world which she daily shares on her Instagram of #100daysofttinythings work.

Taking a PhD in neuroscience, De Leon is much influenced by the brain complexities and the emptiness of canvas possibilities. To her, possibilities are simply unlimited as she began reimagining things in March 2015 and still continues up to now. It’s nothing unusual if she can turn bunch of petals into typical Marge Simpson’s hairdo or alter shells into ice cream.

Source : My Modern Met, 100 Days of Tiny Things, Instagram.




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