Tiny Town to Grow Old Together

The story began when the four couples who have been friends for 20 years determined to live closer to each other so that their bonds will not be broken by time or distance. They set to build a tiny town just for them to settle there. They then decided to pick an area very close to nature as their perfect home location. Just check out how their cabins look like.

To build such cohabitation homes, they pooled their money and set to make a tiny town just for themselves. ‘Llano Exit Strategy’ is what they call their settlement. Such tiny town features four small cabins overlooking the Llano river outside of Austin, Texas.They then asked an architect named Matt Garcia to design those small cabins, each of which cost roughly $40,000. The interesting thing about the cabins is that they were designed to be as sustainable as possible.For its roofs are made a bit slanted. And for sanitary, they installed water barrels that can hold up to 5,000 gallons of rainwater. About its walls, they created reflective walls to keep out unwanted heat in the summer. And for its windows, the special insulated windows are crafted to match the design.
To keep the cost down, they apply materials such as plywood for the interiors, while at the same time they can give the homes a warm and spacious feel.