Trash Into Stunning Animal Sculptures

There is this Portuguese street artist Bordalo II (Arthur Bordalo) who creatively turns metal scraps into beautifully artistic animal sculptures. He deliberately scavenges those scraps because he wanted to show that creating such beautiful artwork doesn’t necessarily need to spend any money on expensive materials besides he wants to spread his message about endless waste production.

And the most interesting thing about his work is that he wants to show that those animals he sculpts are more or less threatened by the materials he is using to construct the animals. Even though he started working in Portugal, due to his noble kind of work that he did, now he is going global.

Bordalo’s latest journey features seem to stop in the US and in Estonia but in fact we really hope that he won’t give up fighting for the well being of our environment. We are sure that he won’t because it seems obvious that he’s consistent, he’s bold and he’s quite determined.

More info: bordaloii.comFacebook | Instagram (h/t: colossal)