Tremorizer Start from His Uniqueness to Successful Illustrator

Tremor is one of cutting edge drawing artist and freelance graphic designer from Indonesia, and he did many artworks for bands and clothing companies. He choose ‘Tremor’ as a nickname since He was really noticed that He no doubt have “hand tremor”, and it makes he cannot draw any straight and neat lines.

All his artworks done with ink on paper. No tablet, vector art and digital imaging. Tremor just using computer for editing, layout and coloring.
His work totally about rock and roll scene, underground music and everything about black and white horror and fiction. Focus and hard work is his middle name, we will saw his passion and business in his instagram and blogs. Sincere and straight forward is domain in his art work, if you spent your time in 90’s you will get strong mind character from Tremor’s art works.

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