Istanbul Photographer's Powerful Series Is Too Disturbing To Ignore!

Istanbul Photographer's Powerful Series Is Too Disturbing To Ignore!

Uğur Gallenkuş is a creative graphic designer from Istanbul whose recent set of pictures will get you thinking about a lot of things.

Graphic designer, Uğur Gallenkuş's work speaks for itself. This Istanbul-born designer combines two contrasting pictures in one frame. So what's so great about it, you ask? It's the portrayal of injustices prevalent in this world that catches our eyes. You can in no way deny any of the truth shown by him. These dramatic photographs are taken from every part of the world and are an eye-opener. To get a better understanding of what we're talking about, here are a few powerful pictures taken from his Instagram account.

1.Water scarcity


How is this fair?

2. The threat of water-borne diseases in southern Sudan


While we complain about insignificant problems they live a life of uncertainty.

3. On the brink of famine


While our children sleep well at night the others hardly get enough food.

4. A woman sitting next to a child in the hospital


This was after a truck bomb attack in Kabul.

5. Hate Vs Want


I'm sure none of us want the first.

6. This is powerful


Some are dying to go home.

7. The world around us is so different


While diversity is good, we aren't looking forward to injustices.

8. Victims of malnutrition in Yemen


This is heartbreaking.

9. Survivor stories


Protestors in Venezuela tried to destroy a police vehicle which unfortunately exploded. Luckily he survived with first and second-degree burns.

10. Achievement and power


Everyone has a different definition.

11. Safety first


A man carrying babies away from the rubbles in the city of Aleppo after an air strike.

12. Afghan children put to work at a coal yard


They don't play with the same toys.

13. No supervision


They have been conditioned to such a dangerous environment.

14. Not the healthy aerobic you might imagine it to be


Things are much more serious out there.

15. You have been shot


This is so tricky!

16. The parallel universe


It's the same world we live in.

17. They are the same but different


Did you get the difference?

18. Bullet for my Valentine


Do you like the feel of this?

19. People are dying of hunger!


While so many of us waste our food!

20. What do you see?


This perspective hits hard.

21. It's not always about art


Get back to reality.

22. Not so fun is it?


It all depends on the surrounding.

23. Can you hear them cry?


This is so depressing!

24. A walk to remember


Not everyone likes this march.

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