Cool Tiny Floating World in Test Tubes

A ship in a bottle may not be a novel thing no more, but houses, trees or even a tall water tower inside glass test tubes are really brand new thing in today’s art creation.


It is the uncommon sight that makes this magical marvel so exceptional. A Dutch artist named Rosa de Jong is the one behind this brilliant idea to house tiny scenes inside glass test tubes. Actually, her creative miniature creations belong to a series called Macro Matter. She used various real stuffs like sticks carried by her cat, sand from Monument Valley or rocks from the Caribbean. And when you are a miniature freak, go visit her website to learn more about her work. Now, she is working on her web shop to go on line soon. When it does, a tiny floating world in a glass test tube can become one of your artwork collections.

Source: Bored Panda, Rosa de Jong, Instagram





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