Unconventional Valasara’s Painting

Made Wiguna Valasara (1983) was born in Sukawati, Gianyar and grew up in Sukawati craft centre which has influenced his creative practice. He went on to study sculpture and painting at Institute Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta and graduated on 2002 It had actually gone over the curriculum limit,

but in fact, He was briefly took a year off due to some problems regarding my learning process. As for my other background, Valasara was indeed born into a family who has close bond with art. As a matter of fact, art has never been something strange ever since he was a kid.
Valasara is an artist who always strives to break the conventional style of painting, experimenting on multiple dimensions of artwork. Valasara has often questioned, “What is a painting?” as he is an artist who wants to break the conventional style of painting. This issue encouraged him to perform many experiments with line. “ I found myself freed. I learned a new perspective on how an artist values the canvas. For most artists, canvas is only seen as a medium where the paints lay on. So, I tried to reserve this perception. I started learning the technique, thinking on how this canvas can be the ‘subject matter’ instead. There were many contrasts here against the conventional. Like, why should the two-dimensional work be in colors? In my works, it all doesn’t exist. I cleared it all, leaving white as the only color. Essentially, it’s how the light illuminates and brings up the shadow. The light and shadow substitute the existence of colors, and thus, they are the main players here”.\ \

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