Unexpected! This Sculpture Of the 16th Century Keeps A Hidden Room, Its Contents Make A Stare

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Unexpected! This Sculpture Of the 16th Century Keeps A Hidden Room, Its Contents Make A Stare

Giant Sculpture In Florence-Italy

There are millions of statues throughout the universe, ranging from religious sculpture, decorative and others. But did you know that there are extraordinary sculptures that became very famous and became one of the icons in the area. The most amazing colossal sculpture in the world is a statue that is at least three times bigger than the original object. This sculpture is usually carved into mountains and rock cliffs. Because of its splendor, become one of the most durable and most admired art forms in the world.

In the 1500s there were indeed many sculptures that were built in Europe. Many amazing sculptures were built in those years. Well, one of the giant that is surprising is the statue of Colussus. This sculpture is referred to as "Mr. Appeninno". The location is in the Florence area of ​​Italy.

Appennine Colossus was carved by Giambologna around 1579 in the garden of Villa Medici in Pratolino, Italy. This sculpture was built at the request of Grand Duke Francesco I de Medici who wanted to fulfill the wishes of his concubines. This majestic colossal sculpture also includes a labyrinth, fountain, water pipe and cave. This Appennine Colossus sculpture was built as high as 10.6 meters or 35 feet above ground level.

More info and source : discovertuscany.com Blogspot  (h/t: mymodernmet )

Here's an illustration of the appearance in the statue of Colloseus.

The mini design

The sturdy and mountainous statue hides an incredible secret - the interior hides several rooms with different functions that make this giant come back to life. The monster whose left hand is holding spewed water from an underground stream, and it was rumored that the space in his head was made for a fireplace which, when ignited, would emit smoke from his nostrils.

The park where the giant currently stands, Villa Demidoff, will open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00 until the end of October.

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