Unique Distorted Animal Portraits

My name is  Kaan Bağcı. Just recently, I have been dealing with a series called Broken. This venture incorporates impressions of distortion developed on pictures of creatures chose on the premise of specific reasons. I want to chip away at points of interest that are, painstakingly chosen and put on my work, and their mixes inside solidarity and concordance.


I more often than not make drawings and collections on creatures, for example, geese, angle, creepy crawlies, are attracted a clinical and point by point way.


Every picture has an anatomically exploratory and scholastic reading material feel; a vibe where they could practically have been drawn and made a hundred years before. Be that as it may, every piece has a contemporary tense and practically cutting edge idiosyncratic turn.


A large portion of my works comprise of planned, drawn, shaped and conceptualized pictures.


It’s exceptionally hard to “name” my work. Just to make a fundamental definition I utilize design and representation with artistic work’s calculated components.