Unique Illustrations Of 3D Car Design

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Unique Illustrations Of 3D Car Design

In 2016, Google changed the world of VR (Virtual Reality) 180 degrees with one of its newest applications, the Tilt Brush. This application can allow users to create a work of art in 3 Dimensions.

The concept of the future car concept, usually not far with a minimalist design, large glass size and futuristic car cockpit with minimal buttons, replaced by intuitive controls with a touch screen.

However, the application was successfully developed and has been further improved. This time, otolovers can make 3D car designs using only VR, right? You can even create a unique concept car in just one hour.

The more modern human life is gradually changing various sectors of life, including in matters of choosing a vehicle.

Now it's time to look at some digital paintings that illustrate the concept of car design. They are normal, retro or futuristic cars. An interesting concept will be seen here as well because designers and illustrators like to give an artistic touch to ordinary cars and turn them into beautiful works of art.

More info and source : designyourway.net

Check them out below!

Hell Car

CCPD Patrol Car

Dark car


Shanghai Parallel


The New 300SL Gullwing

Sperdy car birthday card

Futuristic car blue insectlike

Classic Car

Matrix car

Sameer Car

Apollo Army car

Concept Car Render

Shadows at Midnight

Car concept tubezOne: Overdrive

Mercedes-Benz 500 K

Concept Super Car

The New BMW 3 Series II

Form Study 1

Form Study 2

Mercedes-Benz G-class

Younix Concept


Cadillac Opera Coupe

The new Enkidu


Afterworld offroad

Car Design

Nissan Proto – GTR

Memories Car

Futuristic concept car

Future Muscle Remix

Devil’s Car

Black on Black

Nissan 360Z concept car

Concept Car Design

1971 HemiCuda

Future car concept

Concept Car Design

Future Car Concept

Besides being able to be used to make 3D car images, you can also check the interior directly since the size of the car is made almost the same as the size of an existing car. Users can also modify the vehicle as they pleased, such as giving special paint colors and others.

Future Car Concept

Reported by cnn.com , the 3D drawing software has been designed to create a very unique concept car. Vehicle specifications and shapes are also easily made through VR. Users can draw patterns and also fiddle with the designs that have been provided.

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