Unique Paintings Go Beyond the Canvas

Maki Ohkojima is 27-year-old Japanese artist. She specializes in what she calls to be “the mural beyond the frame.” That makes a lot of sense because what she did was to create sprawling paintings that spilled off the canvas and onto the walls around it.


She frees herself to spill her paints to go beyond what normal paintings should abide by keeping inside their frames. Doing so, her artworks would stretch over entire walls, becoming floor-to-ceiling murals that torrent with elaborate details and intense energy.


Unconfined by conventional frames, her works make them distinct and one-of-its kind. As she says, “When drawing a picture, I always think that the picture I am drawing in that moment is merely one part of a larger world and narrative. By drawing like this, the land and the picture are becoming further connected, and one piece of scenery, which I could not see before, is starting to emerge.”


She associates her feelings with our frustration when we still want to continue painting to capture an expansive scene or landscape, but it’s impossible because the canvas won’t let us to because the frame size already comes to its limit. The same thing goes with our entirety when using only a camera.