Unique Skeletal Leaf Bowl by American Japanese Artist

Want to own a delicate leaf bowl made from leaf skeleton? Or you just want to enjoy the show of other unique ethereal sculptures like skeletal leaves, hornet’s nest paper or grass. Come to the show of The Realm of Nature at the Bellevue Arts Museum from July 3rd to October 18th.


This beautiful set of leaf bowl sculptures are created by a renown Japanese-American artist named Kay Sekimachi. The pieces are held together with the help of Kozo paper and special coatings of both watercolor and Krylon. During the exhibition she joins her husband, Bob Stocksdale also an artist who happens to be the most referred artist in American craft history.


When Sekimachi was much younger, she studied at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland from 1946 to 1949. As she visited the weaving room, in her college, and saw students working on looms, and then she spent her entire savings on a loom the following day even though she didn’t know anything about weaving. But her investment was eventually paid off. Because not long after that everyone knew her as the “weaver’s weaver”, and she is best known for her labor intensive loom works.

Source: My Modern Met, Kay SekimachiWikipedia