Unique Turkish Wooden Backpack Inspired by Nature

If you love wooden products, may be too you will fall in love with this kind of backpack – a uniquely awesome wooden backpack. But to get one, you need to go all the way to Istanbul since the studio making such backpack is in Turkey. There is this woodworking studio called Grav Grav which creates those wooden backpacks truly inspired by nature. They are crafted in natural materials like oak, walnut and beech wood.


They  look adorable because they are adorned with leather details, needle point and vibrant embroidery.


The founder of the studio is actually Merve Burma who once writes in a blog post, “In my opinion, wood and leather show us a perfect match. They have a great harmony.”


Such harmony between plant and animal is something that Burma strives for in her designs. She actually wears her own wooden backpacks, purses, and clutches, showing beautiful variety of wildlife, from nectar-drinking hummingbirds to a tropical pineapple to a budding flowers.