Uniquely Stunning Colored Glass Art

For you who love glass sculptures, Lucie Boucher and Bernie Huebner of Stone Ridge Glass can be your reference for their beautiful glass hand work. Their latest creations are stunning 3D sculptures mad of color glass layers. Check out their stunning seascape piece called Ocean Laughter II, each of the pieces signifies a separate wave which can be constructed to look as if it was a fidgety ocean harmoniously composition of geometry art.


It is wonderful to see how they create those glass pieces by hand cutting, sawing, painting with special pigment and grinding them. Then they fuse them with fire polisher in an electric glass furnace.


A dark hardwood base then is used as a stand when to give the illusion that each landscape is floating in space. While at the back of the hardwood base, there is a light illuminating each of the glass work. This illumination reflected by the wall behind it gives an ethereal glow to the sculptures.


After they have done successively with layering the colored glass, they now create 3D sculptures. By layering pieces of colored glass, the artists create unique three dimensional sculptures.


A leading authority on American glass craftsmanship and the previous curator in-control at the Smithsonian Museum’s Renwick Gallery had to say about Cathedral Dusk (the piece shown beneath), “Using flat sheets of kiln-polished glass in layers separated by space, Huebner and Boucher’s Cathedral Series of sculptures perfectly captures the subtle shading and layering effect of fog-shrouded mountain ranges. The internal lighting further adds mystery and drama to this peaceful landscape.”

Source: My Modern Met, Lucie Boucher and Bernie HuebnerWeb