Urban Utility Covers for Pirate Printer

Art can be found anywhere around you. Pirate printers may best be described as street artists who can make artistic prints out of something common and sometimes overlooked beauty around us to print on bags or T- shirts. The results are strikingly awesome.


Raubdruckerin (meaning “pirate printer”) from Berlin uses manhole covers, grids, vents or other public utilities to make surprisingly eye-catching designs for clothes or accessories. Since those public utilities can make very unique templates for their printing jobs, they work directly on location to make it easier for them to pick the most prospective templates.


They then apply ink ready to print on the medium. And the results on bags or T shirts are very awesome. They sell their products on their online shop. If you are interested, just browse for some beautiful manhole covers from many different cities like Amsterdam, Lisbon or Paris. Take your pick as you find the brilliant T shirt design of your choice. Are you with me Pirates?

Source: Bored Panda, Instagram, Facebook



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