Use Make Up, You’ll be Anyone You Want

Paolo Ballesteros, the Philippines-based artist can transform you into any character in Game of Throne of your choice with his brilliant makeup skills.


He also works as a TV host and actor. But amazingly enough, this 33-year old makeup artist also applies makeup on his own face to become female characters.


He has successfully transformed himself into several female characters like Brinnie of Tarth, Daernerys targayen, both Arya and Sansa Stark, Magaery Tyrell and Melisandre.


Because of his master make up skill, Lena Headey (playing Cersey Lannister) was very much attracted as he could turn himself into the ruling Queen of Westeros! Take a look at his remarkable transformations as follows.

Source: Bored Panda, Paolo Ballesteros, Instagram




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