Valentin Hirsch; The Best Symetrical Tattooist in Berlin

His name is Valentin Hirsch. He is a German tattoo artist based in Berlin. Looking at his collections seemingly to find a perfect balance between nature and geometry, he must be the best tattooist in Berlin. Check out his stunningly symmetrical skin work involving nature and geometry.


Actually, Valentin studied fine arts in Vienna and has been working on skin for over 5 years now with the goal of constantly creating something new. During this period, Valentin developed a one and only kind of tattoo style that blends nature and geometry.


As he mentioned in his artist statement, “When I look back now I realize that tattooing was a logical step in my artistic career. Even during my studies, I remember feeling like I was tattooing paper, even before I started to work on skin.”


His tattoos are full of experiments. Valentin often fuses chunks of different imageries after cautiously slicing them. The result are always aesthetically appealing and genuine hard to find their comparison.