Veri Apriyatno – Extraordinary Oil Painting Describing The Nomads And The Final Destination (The Latest Painting Series)

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Veri Apriyatno – Extraordinary Oil Painting Describing The Nomads And The Final Destination (The Latest Painting Series)

Amazing Oil Painting (The Latest Painting Series)

Besides being endorsed by several international companies such as Lacoste, Lenovo, Disney Marvel Doctor Strange Movie USA and Faber-Castle Art Academy Nuremberg Germany. Currently Veri Apriyatno (47) multi-talented artist from Kuningan-Indonesia, graduated from ITB design and art in 1998, are preparing the tour of Art event in Italy, Sant 'Angelo, Vado in collaboration (endorse) with Italianatours, an international travel tour company that will be held on 6-12 July 2020. The plan will continue to several countries in Europe and America. This artist often exhibit paintings both domestically and abroad both solo or with other artists. Hundreds of paintings have been created by Veri with various series, concept and themes. His talent and skill is extraordinary in the world of fine arts, even made Indonesian celebrity wax sculptures, wax paintings, drawing tutorial and others that will be presented in the next article.

"I would like to share my knowledge and experience with the arts of the world's artists and the public in general, there will be a 5-day Workshop in Sant 'Angelo, Vado, Italy. The topics are drawing, painting and wax painting using wax media. Besides painting and drawing workshops, the tour also enjoyed the beauty of nature, food, and Italian culture, "he said.

Indeed, there is no end to the works of this one artist! , what's interesting about the latest work from Veri Apriyatno with the theme "FIVE JOURNEY" is about human religion and spiritualism. "Indeed, human beings as spiritual beings are wanderers. In this series one painting is divided into 5 parts which have a very deep meaning.The journey of the human spirit begins from The Spirit Realm, The Fetal World, The Natural World, The World's grave and The Hereafter" he said eagerly explained.

“The World of Nature is a world of wandering, a long and winding journey, a wheel of life that continues to spin and is subject to time and space. We are just as travelers or just a stopover in this world the final destination is actually the world of the hereafter, then ideally we must provide the best and provide maximum benefits for humanity and the universe because we are essentially the caliph (leader) on earth , so that our final destination can be safe and happy (heaven) or vice versa (hell). The world is full of tests of comfort and discomfort, this nature will determine the position of humans in the final destination, “he concluded explaining at length the themes of some of his recent paintings.

Chek out the Fantastic Artworks Of Veri Apriyatno below!

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The Nomads And The Final Destination

The Spirit Realm

The Nomads-1

The Nomads-2

The Nomads-3

The Nomads-4

The Nomads-5

The Nomads-6

The Nomads-7

The Nomads-8

The Nomads-9

The Final Destination

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The Nomads And The Final Destination Video

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Drawing Tutorial Video 2

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Wax Painting Video 2

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More info and source : I Facebook | Facebook | Instagram | I I

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