Very Outstanding Giant 3D Kaleidoscopic Light Origami

Masakazu Shirane and Reuben Young have collaborated to create a stunning installation of giant 3D kaleidoscope called Light Origami. It’s actually part of Vivid Sydney, an 18day festival of light, music and ideas.


The installation consists of over 320 different origami shapes. Within the installation, which is of a geometric structure, visitors can be amazed with various light spectrum projected into the space. The longer they interact with the structure, the more unique forms are produced from the origami units above them. The organizers explain that on this scale viewers become participants as well as co-creators.  The color of their clothing becomes overall visual presentation while their movements are reflected in the glass panels.


During an interview with The Creators Project, Shirane says that the Japanese architecture can be shown especially on the traits of movability. People can make a space bigger or smaller depends on their movability. That’s the concept of origami which can be a strong structure or can be folded.


Shirane and Young’s installation was on show to people living in Sydney, Australia until June 8, 2016.

Source: My Modern Met, Masakazu Shirane and Reuben Young, Light Origami



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