Stunning Graffiti of Colorful Illusive Deep Portals by Hoxxoh

Hoxxoh was born in Miami as Douglas Hoekzema. He is a street artist famous for his hypnotic and hyper color murals. By 2015 he began his latest work of multicolored images; stunningly vibrant rolling circles like crusts of gears.


On Saturday, August 6th Hoxxoh joined the 9 Grams group show at Texas gallery – Fort Works Art where he had his newest work on the outside wall of the gallery. Passersby were lured into deep tunneled gateways leading to rotating realities. Many international artists with color and abstract work also took part in the exhibit, experimenting latest visual vocabulary in any social media. Hoxxoh’s piece is always doing magic to Instagram viewers; Yellow morph, electric blue loops engulfing the blackened brick, summoning viewers into a mysterious chasm.

The optical illusion appears to be Hoxxoh intellectual tactic of time apart from the common theme of the show. As he mentions in his artist’s statement, he expects to deliver the pulls of gravity, a path into which we are forced, even if we mean to be going in another but if we just follow the preset natural flow, we will feel the beauty and pure form of journey yet unseen path.

Source: My Modern Met, HoxxohInstagram





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