Vibrant Orange to Capture the Glow of the American West

Erin Hanson is an American artist who expresses her love of the outdoors through vibrant landscape paintings. She would let un-cluttered hues and thick, energetic brushstrokes showcase the impressive beauty of places like the National Parks by using her sophisticated technique of Open-Impressionism (a unique blend of impressionism and expressionism).


She’s recently created paintings that focus on the color orange as a continuation of this nature-oriented theme.


She once wrote in her artist statement, “I am always looking for ways to push myself artistically and challenge the way I think about color and composition. I came up with the idea of focusing on a single color for a whole collection as a way to really delve into the boundaries of ‘orange’ and explore how this color can be used in different landscapes to create an emotional impact.”


Hanson’s contemplation on orange color symbolizes how orange would enter into our lives so discreetly that we can be unaware of it, but her pieces are a beautiful reminder of its presence.