Want to Build a Hobbit House in Your Backyard?

Know what? A hobbit is not only found alive in a movie, but it is a real human being. Only that this particular “hobbit” grows the normal size of a human. To make it interesting about him is that he also built a house pretty much measuring similar to that of the real hobbit house in the movie. Then, he and his spouse really stay and live in there.  Just check these out.

If you come to Bedford, England, please make an effort to visit this hobbit place designed and constructed to resemble the hobbit house just like the one we can see in the movie. It is this 30-year-old Ashley Yeates who is certainly not a hobbit but he is the one who is behind this construction of such hobbit house.

If you would want to build your own hobbit house, perhaps you can learn from Yeates, because he provides many shots of photos where he designed and step by step constructing this small size dwelling place. Even if rumor has it Yeates’ feet might be just as long and hairy – but despite these shortcomings, he is still a very much normal kind of person. Only that he seems to follow his inclination as to be much too willing to build such a hobbit place.

The idea to build such a house came from what happened in his backyard. After a tree suddenly died in the yard where he had to cut it down, and such fallen tree caused some open hole on the ground. And he knew it that the hole was just the thing he is looking for. Then he began his plan on transforming the hole into a perfectly cozy but rather small in size a place for him to really live in there.