Warsaw’s Charm in 19th Century Recreated in Watercolor

As an architect as well as an artist from Poland, Tytus Brzozowski uses components from the past and present to recreate and reimagine Warsaw’s 19th century charm.


Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. It has had a very difficult history where the very city was almost totally destroyed during World War II. After the war, Warsaw was rebuilt under communism. But now that the advancement of commercial as well as the advertisement seems to have engulfed the city, its view is currently deformed and sealed by the overuse of billboards. But still, the city’s story can be read in its architecture.


Interestingly enough, we find narrow, enchanting streets, elegant townhouses and soaring towers, in his paintings. To reduce the shadows of these cramped alleys, his buildings remain on towering stilts, creating spaces underneath for pedestrians to take a walk. There is a simple question though, how do you get inside?


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Source: Bored PandaTytus Brzozowski, Facebook