20+ MEAN 'Weight Loss' Memes That Are Downright Hilarious!

20+ MEAN 'Weight Loss' Memes That Are Downright Hilarious!

If you're someone who has tried and failed at following a strict diet, then you'd totally get these weight loss memes! Major LOL alert!

Having the perfect body while maintaining your diet requires a lot of discipline. It's not something that everyone can achieve easily. Most of us have, at some point in our lives, tried to follow a specific diet which turned out to be a complete failure. We often laugh at these adversities and what better way than memes to explain this plight? We have collated a number of weight loss memes that will remind you that you're not alone. Scroll down to have a hearty laugh (it helps burn calories, FYI.)

1. My life, my rules


No one says anything about his choices!

2. Aren't they perfect?


Just like our resolutions!

3. Where's the trash can?


You may throw it there!

4. At least he's trying!


We should give this guy points for that.

5. This is all he lost!


Nothing seems to work, right?

6. Temptations


I see what's holding you back!

7. Bon appetite


This is all you get.

8. It's a lie!


Don't trust everything they say.

9. Is it though?


We highly doubt it!

10. Just one spoon!


I promise.

11. There's always tomorrow


Which never arrives!

12. This is perfect!


It's the fruit juice everyone likes.

13. Let's eat in his name


He does want us happy!

14. It's a trap!


The world keeps testing you!

15. A lot to deal with


It's just one excuse after another.

16. What have I become?


Well, this cat is being too hard on himself!

17. It is that simple


There's no other way out!

18. It requires a lot of patience!


Nothing can happen so quick!

19. It's over!


You need to get over it!

20. It's the breaking point!


Shouldn't have pushed it this far, huh?

21. I hope you know your place


The restaurant seems really friendly!

22. I'm here for moral support


Let's not expect much.

23. Not today!


How hard is it?

24. This has to be the best of them all!


Who doesn't love fries?

25. They are never funny!


This is not the actual picture.

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