When a Teacher Captivates Students’ Attention with His Drawings

Maybe what Hirotaka Hamasaki does as a teacher is the only one thing in the world. Because rather than writing notes or homework assignments for his students on the blackboard, he would make awesome drawings on the board just using chalks on the board to captivate his young students’ attentions.


It was not clear for how long his sprawling masterpiece will stay on the blackboard nor are there some objections from the headmaster or other teachers.


And about his work, he usually emulates artworks demonstrating historically-significant imagery as well as contemporary pieces. When he does his piece he always use everyday chalk and a well-worn eraser. Hamasaki adores iconic paintings like Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper as well as pop culture-inspired works like Disney’s The Little Mermaid. That’s what he really draws on the board with merely simple tools like chalk.


About his ability to reproduce those world-renown masterpiece is not to be questioned. Hamasaki has several types of artistic styles. It can be seen though his drawings on the board. They really are awe-inspiring. Actually he also draw the cubist masterpiece Guernica by Pablo Picasso, but he feels more comfortable switching gears to illustrate a colorful scene from the anime film Kimi no Na Wa.