When Architects Say No to Trees Cut Down

Most of us are aware of our present environmental condition which is being depleted and much exploited which according to many studies will only lead to significant environmental impact, like global warming, soil loss, water cycle and a decline in biodiversity. But thanks to a particular spectrum, these architects have determined to use real trees to work as a part of the new structure. Just check out these pics.

When it comes to talking about environment, we can either work with nature, or work against it. The choice is ours to decide. Whether we will help ruin our ecosystem or make sure that it is safe and sound, the well-being of our environment depends greatly on our decision.If we remain silent seeing people do deforestation, the nature will certainly lead to global climate change which in turn will ruin everything in our ecosystem. But if we help safe it, we can prevent the environmental damage to occur.For building homes, instead of chopping down trees, we can make good use of trees to work as a part of building construction. This not only help prevent damaging our nature but also add to a certain kind of architectural designs.