When Asking the Wrong Guy for Help

What people would normally do when they want to improve their look in pics, they would resort to Photoshop for photo correction or improvement. When you can do it yourself it will be just fine, but not when you ask this Photoshop wizard James Fridman. If you think asking him would really help you improve your appearance in your photos, you’d better think twice.

Would you like your pics to be like these Photoshop make ups? These are what James Fridman did when someone asks him to make up their pics. Actually Fridman is a genius in Photoshop only that he sometimes takes his business too seriously that he would literally do whatever you ask.

Funny right? But that’s what happens to your pic when in the beginning you ask Fridman to improve your personal photo which you think needs some improvement, as you ask help for him, he may have different perception of how you want your pics to be done. The results can vary depends on his moods.

You feel guilty of wanting to look better? Certainly you have to be. What’s done is done. So, next time when you ask someone to do some modification on your pics, make sure they are not those personal photos you don;t want to be made in public. They will for sure embarrass you from head to toe.