When Calligraphy Blends Create Incredibly Striking Art

When Jake Weidmann was still very young, he had a great interest in handwriting. That’s when his mother had a beautiful cursive style, and Jake loved it that much as her letters were fluidly linked together on a page. Even at a very young age, he already knew what he wanted to be as he grew up. Sure it doesn’t happen to many of us.


Even when he was still a child he was determined to become an artist. He made his personal oath every time he drew things on paper. Amazingly enough, he always came up with such beautiful handwritings.


As he entered college education, he persistently improved his handwriting, so much so that almost anyone who saw his handwritings would stop and began to admire. The other students would beg him for their tattoo designs or interestingly, they requested some wedding invitations.


His professors jokingly said that it was him who wrote his essay tests like the Declaration of Independence.