When Collages Concern about Ecological Well-Being

There is an art shop called PRRINT which pride themselves for being aware of our ecological well-being, so their creations are supposed to be environmental friendly. PRRINT specializes in colorful and peculiar prints and their popular pieces are printed onto upcycled pages from vintage books.


Since PRRINT pays much attention to our ecology, there is no wonder that nature profoundly inspires their designs. It can be seen from their marvelous creations of anatomical collages. In this kind of prints, pages from old and unused dictionary are utilized to print collages of wonderful floral illustrations and detailed anatomical patterns.


Despite the fact that the joyful color and elegant version of the blossoms contrast, the imperfect and vivid readings of the human body, the forms are pleasantly cohesive – vines twist around hand, wildflowers pose as pairs of lungs, and butterflies flutter by a skeleton. Amazingly enough, the backdrops full of text do not confuse the images, only that the fading letters and deep tones of backdrops match the vintage aesthetic and bold lines of each graphic.


As a matter of fact, these prints of anatomy can promise a fresh air, besides they are visually charming and environmentally friendly as well.

Source: My Modern Met, PRRINTfacebook