When Having an Art Block, Just Add ‘Fantasy Stuff’ to Your Drawing

It’s sometimes pretty painful when you got stuck with ideas in the mids of your painting job. This is what our artist pal calls an art block. But there seems to be a good solution to overcome such loss of ideas. Such a solution can really work for the young artist aged 22-years-old and working freelance as an artist. We bet that it will also work for you. Would you like to try anyone?

It so happens that this artist finds his job is not always smooth sailing. He regularly faces the challenge of having an art block. What he usually did was to try all kinds of things to get rid of it like taking a walk outside, doing fan art, taking a break from art for a couple days and so on. Still, the same block kept coming again and much worse.

But through a lot of experiments, he eventually found out that there was helpful way to overcome such a block as well as boredom which every artist normally has from time to time. What he did was just to draw a random animal and then he added “fantasy stuff” to it. Just check out what he adds to his animal drawings.

So, make sure you have reference like photos of animals at hand. Just copy them and add your own fantasy stuff to the animals which surprisingly then comes the fun part.  Amazingly enough, your random addition gives an interesting, otherworldly or even odd look to the animal, making it like a completely new species of its kind.