When Koi Fish Can Make You World Famous

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When Koi Fish Can Make You World Famous

When Koi Fish Can Make You World Famous

What Frank Gehry did thirty years ago was not quite to common people’s liking. Then, people were not interested in his piece. They thought that his work of Fish Lamps, a series of illuminated sculptures showing graceful Koi whose body twist and turn were just nothing extraordinary. But now as Gehry becomes an architect, his modern, dynamic buildings of his design receive a worldwide acknowledgment as it is considered one of most awe-inspiring designs.

Gehry’s achievement in architecture is much influenced by his long exploration into realm of creatures when he was still dealing with those Koi things. The fish became a motif in his buildings, looking as rolling, wavy forms present on his designs like the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Like his designs from the 20th century.

As Gehry reviewed his Fish Lamps series especially the 2012 series, he began to create an entirely new school of them. While for the 2012 design, he constructed them using a material called ColorCore, a laminate often used for countertops or desks, now he makes the series by hand and features a combination of curled and flexed elements. When the sculptures are lit, they begin to emanate a warm glow that reaches as far as the Gagosian Gallery space—here, he rest the pieces slightly elevated above the floor and hangs them at the ceiling.

Source: My Modern MetFrank Gehry

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