When Lovely Toys can Reveal Their Inner Anatomy

You’ll never know that actually, your talent can help you accomplish what you want in life until you explore and put the natural gift you have into execution. Like what Jason Freeney did, once he lost his job as an industrial designer, he turned some world-famous toys into awesome sculptures with half of their bodies exposing inner anatomies. Now his visionary creations can sell for up to $17,000. Awesome!



He began sculpting by buying the figure of Dunny from kindrobot. He cut and filled it with clay body parts and sold it online. He got surprised with result as he could sell his sculptures three times as he expected. From then on he continued sculpting more and different characters in style of half of their bodies expose their inner parts. This is maybe what makes his sculptures unique and can easily sell to interested buyers. They’re willing to pay all because Freeny paid attention to detail in his sculptures.

Freeny starts cutting the toys in half, study their anatomy and figure out the unique shape of each figure. He then creates the bones and other organs using dentistry and pumpkin carving tools and epoxy clay. Finally he places those bones and organs inside the toys a part of which left open just to expose the toys’ anatomy so each piece’s interior and exterior can be viewed and observed.

Source: My Modern Met, Jason Freeny, Facebook


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