Whimsical Birds and Beasts’ Illustrations

Vorja Sánchez is a Barcelona-based illustrator’s oeuvre who is quite eclectic in creating all his piece, making each typical item completely inimitable and visually appealing. That can clearly be seen from the materials he used, from the style which he employed and also from those fauna he depicted.

He is most likely the right artist you can refer to when it comes to fulfilling your wildest dream and fairytale. This talented illustrator belongs to everything about animal-loving type, who can conjure up all types of colorful creatures.

Sánchez would utilize subdued colored pencils and washes of watercolor in order to be able to make dreamy and soft depictions of some creatures, like his overall collages of birds which are realistically rendered.

Sanchez often has to rely on the graphic and bold nature of pen and ink and spray paint as well especially for more inventive and stylized animals.