Whimsical Clouds Made Suspended in Empty Rooms

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Whimsical Clouds Made Suspended in Empty Rooms

Berndnaut Smilde is an Amsterdam-based artist whose haunting images depict the airy nimbuses hovering through deserted factories, Gothic cathedrals and dazzling Rococo rooms. With each individual cloud seems to magically float in empty rooms, the clouds surely evoke a sense of mysticism or supernatural presence.

It’s true that it is Smilde the only artist who is best known for his whimsical Nimbus series. How can he make the cloud float around as if it were a real nimbus? Actually it is a fog machine that helps Smilde able to produce the ethereal clouds to roam around a room. And for sure by carefully controlling the humidity as well as the temperature of the room can make the Nimbus cloud stay suspended in the air even for just a fleeting moment.

Amazingly, their ephemeral of the clouds’ existence is made permanent through photography.  In fact, in reality, the nimbuses are only visible for just a few seconds. Due to their characteristics as the dreamy clouds which only appear and vanish in the blink of an eye, Smilde’s work focus on impermanent state of being between deconstruction and construction.

In London, Smilde had an exhibition entitled Antipode at the Ronchini Gallery where he displayed his unique manmade clouds. Actually the show also featured his stunning multidisciplinary work which blends performance, sculpture, photography, and installation.

Such exhibition wants to echo Smilde's concern on duality in his artwork. That’s why his exhibition takes the name of Antipode which is a geographical term that refers to parts of the earth diametrically opposite each other.

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