Whimsical Organic Kind of Ceramics

Megan Bogonovich is New Hampshire-based artist who makes fantastic sculptures in ceramic filled with fairytale-like joys and full of uniqueness. According to her, her artwork is inspired by rich stories and themes.


The sculptures are painted in many different bright pastel colors, which add to the charming storybook aesthetic. Tiny figurines in outdated A-line skirts and kitten heels hike into the beginnings of colossal, piled structures that look just like coral reefs, sea anemones and other organic forms.


The lead pieces of Bogonovich’s work seem to be readily coming to their own whimsical trips, as what happens to Alice in the Wonderland where she tumbled headfirst into the rabbit hole.


With the amount of intricate elements and textures to each piece, it’s as easy for the viewer to become lost in the elaborate details as it is for the miniature protagonists to become lost in their curious adventures.