Wife Abandons 'Sick' Husband With A Dog; Finds Out That He Struck Gold Through 'Art' Soon After!

Wife Abandons 'Sick' Husband With A Dog; Finds Out That He Struck Gold Through 'Art' Soon After!

Separation and abondonment in love are some of the worst things to go through. However, you only need to be creative enough to see what it can bring to you!

A lot of the times we might wonder why we can't live without the ones that we love. There are a great many artists who have spoken about being left alone or midway in their romance and what happened to them. Well, they are more classical in their notion. However, here is a survivor of modern love and separation - Rafael Mantesso - who is redefining human resilience and the ability to see more than just pain.  
He was abandoned by his wife - all that he left with was a dog and a white-washed apartment. And how he dealt with this human experience is a thing to behold. 


While wondering about his broken heart, his dog inspired him to be more optimistic. As he watched this innocent bull-terrier move about in his apartment, he was overcome with an urge to defy what he was feeling. He took a marker in his hand and decided to remake his empty world into something else. He used art to deal with his loneliness and made something totally new and fresh.  “Suddenly,” he says, “I felt this long-dormant inspiration for drawing, for art, for life-returning.” 


He created a set of illustrations featuring his bull-terrier, Jimmy Choo, set in front of the white background. Markered and reimagined in the empty white world of theirs were soon being demanded to be published in hardcover. Not only that their artwork has also become major a seller in form of calendars, planners, mugs, gift bags, note cards, etc. And they have not stopped ever since. 

1. When loneliness is real


2. "I need to get away from here"



3. "Don't look at me"


4. "I'll fight everything"


5. "When people say we are quite close"


6. "Why is always a little too far away?"



7. Yah!


8. "The promised land"


9. When you call your other cool friends over 


10. "You can call me Bethooo1"



11. "Leading the bandwagon"


12. "You talking to me?"


13. "The punk life chose me"


14. "Man and his inventions always seem to amaze me"



15. "You okay?"


16. "Stop that!"


17. "I have never felt so vicious in my life"


18. "It's tough being an illustrator's dog"



19. "Voldemort is not the only one with the ability to fly unassisted!"


20. "Don't cry, my lady"


21. "Finally. Just don't sneeze on me, for god's sake"


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