Artist Uses 3D Animation To Turn Our Favorite Cartoons Into A Living Nightmare!

Artist Uses 3D Animation To Turn Our Favorite Cartoons Into A Living Nightmare!

Wil Hughes is an Autralian digital illustrator who turns our favorite childhood memories into nightmares.

Wil Hughes, an Australian digital artist, loves spending his time providing a hellish twist to some of our fondest childhood memories. He alters the structure of our favorite cartoon characters and some pop culture icons in a way that you will scar you forever. His disturbing creations are what nightmares are made up of! Be prepared to witness characters like Spongebob, and Homer Simpson in the scary light of Hughes' imagination.

1. Tweety Pie


Do you still love this little birdie?

2. Ronald McDonald


We're definitely not loving this!

3. Homer Simpson


Doesn't he resemble the monster in Frankenstine?

4. Scary Terry


He's scarier than the original version!

5. Sponge Bob


Not our cup of tea!

6. Courage the Cowardly Dog?


How can we forget this silly dog?

7. Squidward Tennisballs


You don't want to mess with this guy!

8. Rick Sanchez


Is he really the smartest of them all?

9. No Face


Take us away from this!

10. Shrek


What in the world is that?

11. Mickey Mouse


The disastrous version that kids shouldn't see!

12. Wolverine


Is this how he'll look once he retires?

13. Patrick Star 


This is so weird!

14. Pac-Man


Let the hunger games continue!

15. The Grinch


Someone's out to ruin our Christmas!

16. Goofy


The old and discarded version is here to haunt you.

17. Roger


Scared or scarred?

18. Mario


This is getting too real!

19. Shaggy


Didn't you think that he might end up this way?

20. Krusty, the clown


Who said clowns are funny?

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