Young Dad Shares Happy Pictures Of Son With Down Syndrome Flying, And They Will Brighten Up Your Day!

Young Dad Shares Happy Pictures Of Son With Down Syndrome Flying, And They Will Brighten Up Your Day!

Sometimes, life is all about perspectives and finding joys in places you never thought the light would exist. These photographs are proof!

Alan Lawrence, a dad of five kids, from Utah learned that his youngest child had Down Syndrome. Instead of being depressed about it, he did his best to learn a little more about this condition. While most of the information was discouraging, there were some which offered room for hope. Soon he started sharing his experience with the world through his blog and also began publishing photoshopped pictures of a flying William on his social media accounts. These adorable pictures are indeed a treat to the eyes and you must check them out.

1. Sister of mine


The bond is so special.

2. Fuel yourself


A little snack ought to do it.

3. The view's great from up here!


Get up here!

4. 'Fly Will Can'


Take me higher.

5. I win!


Looks like someone survived the tickle attack!

6. He's all about this life


How amazing is he?

7. The season of building castles


Isn't it the best time?

8. He loves helping us around the house


Isn't he amazing?

9. The incredible beginnings


And he dreams about the unexplored places waiting for him to pay a visit.

10. Pancake Sundays


Care for one?

11. There's a storm coming your way


You better be prepared!

12. Come home soon, dad!


This love is heart-melting.

13. Happy Halloween!


That's a little spooky!

14. Here we go again


Don't worry much, the best is yet to come.

15. All you need is a little push


The rest falls into place.

16. Bubble dreams


Who loves picnics?

17. Into the woods


Be careful not to stumble into a hole of adventures!

18. It's safari time!


The bull elk didn't mind him saying hi on the way.

19. Touch


Is that really me?

20. Let's get clean


William is in charge of giving Annie a bath and entrusting him with the responsibility was the right thing to do.

21. Hungry for more


Let's have a taste.

22. Always ready to get clicked!


Here's the smile we all have been waiting for.

23. Star Wars live long!


Like father, like son.

24. Flying baby alert!


Keep your cards safe.

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