Witty Animal Comics by Liz Climo

Liz Climo is an animator and a web comic artist. She is famous for her attractive serial stories that present a cast of witty animal characters with a great sense of humor. She had just released a book of wonderful comics called Lobster Is the Best Medicine that showcases 75 never-before-seen cartoons.


When we last spoke to Climo, Lobster Is the Best Medicine is about to be launched. The amusing sentiments from everyday life told across the eyes of adorably-drawn snakes, rats, goats are reflected in the charming one and two-panel pieces.


In its many forms, Climo has continued to develop her characters around the theme of “friendship” over the past year.


The animals would sometimes have fun by dressing up in silly costumes for Halloween or holding a makeshift seance. In other instances, those animals provide emotional support for each other.