Woman in Simbolism in Stella Im Hultberg’s Art Work

One of stand out Korean artist is Stella Im Hultberg, “Most of them are made up in my mind, as I don’t have any models. I must see faces of real people (models or real life) and mix them up in my head to my liking. Sometimes, I do see faces I absolutely fall in love with, and I’d try to use that as a reference too,

She living at Brooklyn today “Compared to Manhattan, just having more space living in Brooklyn gives me a lot more options and expand ability and ideas. New York City is so charged with creative (and other) energy, compact with artistic people, constantly filled with new things to see and do within vicinity – so many people come here with a purpose, and despite (or because of) it’s transient qualities, so it’s hard to be the only one not inspired and sitting still. Just being surrounded by so much energy keeps me rolling.”(my modern met)

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