Women’s Everyday Problem Cartoon

Perhaps men would never understand why women are struggling with raging hormon and bugged alot with hair problems. Probably men would think women as one crazy creature who can be bothered with small things such as make up and nail paint.

Piling on mistake after mistake until you’ve got raccoon eyes…women-problem-cartoon-01

By seeing this stripped comics below, you might be able to see few of struggles a woman make in her daily activity. They seem simple yet, it ruins the whole world of a woman when it is happened. This comic is created by Cassandra “Cassie” Calin, a 21-year-old internet artist with actual talent.

Source : LifeBuzz, tumblr.

When our golden summer tans actually make us look like lobsters…women-problem-cartoon-02

What people don’t see when they tell us curly-haired folks that we are actually lucky…women-problem-cartoon-03

And after doing this, you thank them graciously while smiling politelywomen-problem-cartoon-04

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